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Licensing (1 - 10) Routes

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PDQ is a free app on the Google Play Store. Licensing fees are charged when the PDQ app integrates (interface) with QuickBooks Pro or Enterprise software receiving master files from QuickBooks and updating PDQ transactions into QuickBooks. QuickBooks Enterprise Advanced Accounting has different licensing charges. 


Single Users with the QuickBooks interface use Transaction Pro 8.0 (Included in interface price) or newer as the interface.  The user is responsible for purchasing new versions of Transaction Pro if required. The License Fee is month to month. Service Cancellations will take effect the month following the cancellation.

Company Users may use Transaction Pro 8.0 (included with the license) or upgrade to the Handheld Management System (HMS) which provides the ability to setup pricing and discounting as well as maintain extensive sales reports.

A Single User must upgrade to the Company User level if they wish to use the Handheld Management System and SQL Server. 

Customers with more than ten routes (users) will receive a custom quote upon request. 

Support (1 - 10) Routes

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The Support Agreement (Email, text, Team Viewer, Chrome Remote Desktop and Phone) is optional at an additional cost.  Support is purchased on an annual basis. Support is provided to resolve any issues with the software in a reasonable time. No interface users are not registered and not entitled to support. 

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